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Available in New York and New Jersey.

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WestNet provides economical, reliable dial-up access to the Internet. Our goal is to have the Internet ready and waiting for you when you need it. We keep a user/modem ratio of 10:1 (no more than 10 users per modem) so that you never have to hear a busy signal. All of WestNet's dial-up numbers support analog modems, the ITU V.90 56k standard, and ISDN.

WestNet provides full, direct access to the World Wide Web and other internet services, such as Instant Messaging, USENET discussion groups, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), FTP file archives, and telnet access to remote hosts. Web Mail is available, allowing our users to read their e-mail via the Web from any computer.

ISDN is a special digital dial-up line, allowing regular voice calls and Internet access at speeds of 64 kbps or 128 kbps. To utilize WestNet's ISDN service, you will need an ISDN line installed in your home or office.

All accounts include 180 hours of online usage per month with:

Extra MailboxMailbox Only
Monthly$20.00$15.00$40.00 $50.00$5.00$7.50
(Monthly Equiv.)
(Monthly Equiv.)

Please note, there are no refunds for early termination of prepaid accounts.

Roaming Service

For people who travel, Westnet is providing a global roaming service which gives our Westnet users the ability to dial into a local affiliated ISP almost anywhere in the world.

The cost of this roaming service is:

All roaming fees are added on to Westnet's monthly fees

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