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WestNet's Remote Backup and Recovery Service automatically backs up your files at any time of day, over any Internet connection to a storage server in our data center. Your data will always be up-to-date and always protected in a remote location. For security purposes, your data is encrypted before it is ever transferred from your machine.

WestNet Backup will backup your files, folders, registry keys and security information at any convenient time, and restore files from a backup copy. These operations run in the background. Once the program is set up setup, backups will be executed at regular scheduled times. This gives you an exact copy of your data after restoration.

WestNet Backup works with files organized in Backup Sets. You can set a number of parameters for a Backup Set: source files, backup destination, special options (compression, encryption), scheduling, etc. The built-in powerful encryption protects your files from any outside access. External commands give a backup process maximum flexibility and power. Search options allow you to find and restore only necessary files to the original or another folder, without restoring all files.

WestNet has a number of service levels, for both the individual needing to backup some important files (Quicken data, documents, etc), to the business user with one or more file servers. If one of the plans on the right doesn't meet your needs, we can tailor something individually for you.

For small to mid-sized offices, backups should be one part of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. You will need to have computer hardware to use if your primary location is unavailable, copies of the installation disks for your applications, to install on your temporary machine. WestNet can work with you to develop a complete disaster recovery plan on a consulting basis.

The complete manual for our backup application is available online.

For more information or a 30 day trial of the backup service, please email staff@westnet.com.

Up to 500M$10
Up to 1G$15
Up to 4G$20
Over 4G$1.50 per GB

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