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DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a high speed point-to-point access solution that offers a dedicated, uninterrupted connection over existing telephone lines at speeds many times faster than a regular dial-up connections.

WestNet DSL provides your home or small business with fast, "always-on" Internet access that is available when you need it. With DSL's speed, you'll spend less time searching the web, and more time doing what you need to. You can watch Multimedia files in real-time, and in higher quality than over a modem. Since WestNet DSL requires no special software, you KNOW it's compatible with your computer or network.

Pricing for DSL Service:

Service*: 768/128K 1.5/128K 384/384k 1.5/384K 768/768K DSL Modem /
Monthly Cost** $30.95 $45.95 $79.95 $59.95 $99.95 $100.00
*Actual throughput may be lower than indicated speed accounting for distance and other factors.
**Prices do not include any applicable taxes.

*For hardware, WestNet uses and recommends a router, which provides the features of both a DSL modem and a firewall for less then the price of both devices purchased separately. WestNet provides managed firewall services to our users who purchase the router.

**Prices include Internet service at the rated speed and related telephone company charges, one (1) static IP address, up to 5 mailboxes, and Free Dialup Service if the DSL is down. Optional Dialup service for when you are away from your DSL service is available for $15/month.

Additional installation costs may be assessed by the local phone company performing the installation based on wiring needs at the location.

Client DSL Circuit One Time Charges
Description On Time Charge
Line Activation Fee $80.00
Service Set Up Charge* $50.00
Extra Time Charge** $85/hour

*Installation includes on-site visit by a WestNet technician, configuration and installation of the end users DSL equipment, testing of the end user circuit, configuration of one (1) computer and up to 30 min. of installation and repair of inside wiring from the RJ45 Wall Jack to the NID. This does not include Additional of End User premises equipment or inside wiring beyond the first 30 minutes.

**This charge is billed for each full or partial hour the technician is at the End User premises during a Service Setup (other than the time included as part of the Service Setup Charge).

For more information, or to find out if your area is covered, please contact us at (914) 948-3162 or

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