Re: WATPA: Rising SPAM?

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From: Richard Jennings (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 19:42:10 EDT


I "IM"moderate an e-mail discussion group that has been relatively inactive
for the last few months, but I'm averaging 17-30 "messages" per day ( a sharp
increase over the initial "slumber" rate") that are exclusively SPAM.

My collection (I plan to write a book) includes:
1) "Look I don't want to waste your time".....then why are you?
2) How to lose 30 pounds a day while eating nothing but chocolate cake....Yes
I'm a little over my playing weight in high school but am I THAT big?
Please don't respond.
3) My "pen pals", the guys in Nigeria, earlier willing to cut me in for $10-15
million if I would just send them all my personal ID including my bank account
numbers, now find that Internet communication, having saved them the cost of
an unskilled typist and a 55 cent (Nigerian) stamp, envelope, and paper, are
now in a position to offer me $20-30 million!!!!! Who says the Internt
has not introduced efficiencies?!?!
4) My friends in Evergreen Park, IL that will send me a surplus complete,
official, "registerable" copy of Office 2000 for only $120. Who cares that
there only a PO box in one of those mail drop places and the local Chamber of
Commerce people believe that it's a scam. PLEASE, let me send $120 to
someone I never heard of!!!!! (I tried e-mailing this same info to
Microsoft but there Forms don't seem to take complaints about ANYTHING.)
4) Now it starts to become embarrassing.......
At first I thought my wife had sent my name to every sexual dysfunctional
e-mail collection group out there:
A) Get VIAGRA without a prescription!!!!!!
B) Get the herbal EQUIVALENT of Viagra!!! Totally safe
C) Increase the size of your "Perspective" by 3-4 INCHES!!!!!!
You can see that I might become a little sensitive here.....
5) But then messages extolling the virtues of a "female Viagra" began to pour
A) Exotic creams, then
B)Breast enhancements...NO SURGERY!!!! perhaps the equivalent of 4C above??

And I was well pleased to see these "equal opportunity" messages because it
proved that I was not being singled out.

BUT THEN....Did this indicate that someone out there thought that I was
Bi-sexual? Has my "manhood" been challenged? Oh Dear, Oh Dear.

Does anyone know of a good Internet counselor out there???????

Dick Jennings

William Langham wrote:

> Hi! Is it just me or is there a mega bump up in unsolicited coml email? My
> mailbox is full of junk. I read somewhere not long ago that before long
> (2003? 04?) that 97% of email would be junk, just like USPS. Have you
> heard anything in ISP-land regarding stats?
> Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?
> Bill, who may finally have to figure out how filters work, Langham

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