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WestNet subscribes to the Three-Star edition of the ClariNet e.News service. ClariNet is an electronic newspaper, providing news wire stories throughout the day. These may be viewed as web pages, or as USENET news articles. Headline articles are included in our home page throughout the day.

At the top of this page are links to the major categories of articles. Two rows of links are provided, for both the web and USENET versions. The HTML version will appear in your main web browser window, while the USENET version will open a USENET news session. If there are topics you read frequently, you may wish to subscribed to those groups in your USENET news reader.

The Three-Star edition we subscribe to contains news from the full Reuters newswires, providing full coverage of events in the U.S. and around the world. Reuters provides hundreds of stories per day from their North American general and business newswires and from their European and Asian business wires; ClariNet classifies this news carefully so readers can find the information they need.

All the comics and columns (Doonesbury, Fox Trot, For Better and For Worse, Miss Manners column, and more) are included. The Three-Star Edition also adds full press release coverage from Business Wire, complete local news for the San Francisco area, and full SportsTicker coverage of tennis, golf, college basketball, college football, and Olympic sports.

If your browser supports reading USENET News, you may read ClariNet directly from the links on the following pages. Alternatively, you may decide to subscribe to certain groups in your News Reader program, and read them there.

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