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The following information is necessary to configure Internet software for WestNet. Before using this information, you should see if you can use your package's specific information on our Help Page.

Your IP Number

IP numbers are usually assigned dynamicly. Most software defaults to this configuration (MAC users should select "Obtain Address from Server"). However, you will have a static domain name assigned to your machine, no matter what modem you are dialed in to. This will be of the form username.dialup.westnet.com .

Phone Numbers

WestNet has dial-up locations throughout Westchester County, New York City, Long Island, and Rockland County. Each dial-up number supports analog modems, 56K (K56flex and V.90 standard), and ISDN connections. The dialup phone numbers are:

New York

914-290-4450Lower Westchester (White Plains)
914-417-0202 Lower Westchester (Rye)
845-363-4055Upper Westchester (Purdys/Carmel)
914-214-7202Upper Westchester (Yorktown Hts)
212-561-5038 Manhattan
718-208-4055Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island
516-806-4021Nassau County (Hicksville), Long Island
631-887-0202Eastern Suffolk, Long Island
631-380-8202Western Suffolk, Long Island
845-727-8202 Rockland/Orange Counties
845-727-8202 Nyack
845-483-8024 Poughkeepsie


914-417-0202Greenwich (Rye)
203-687-4055New Haven

Please click here for New Jersey dial-up phone numbers.

* NOTE: If you are unsure, please contact your local telephone company to determine what the charges will be to call these numbers. Due to the number of different billing plans available, WestNet can not say what the costs will be dialing these numbers. Selecting a number that is not local to you can result in significant additional charges on your phone bill, for which WestNet is not responsible.

DNS and Servers

Domain Name: westnet.com

Domain Name Servers:

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server: mail.westnet.com
Incoming Mail (POP3) Server: pop.westnet.com
News (NNTP) server: news.westnet.com

We ask that all users subscribe to the Westnet.* local newsgroups. It is especially important that you subscribe to Westnet.announce . General information about the system, such as scheduled down-time, will be posted here.

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