1975? - Team Photo


The advent of the always hotly contested Bowdoin vs. Middlebury match-up reminds many of the old guard Panther laxmen that our coach from 72 '75, Rob Pfeiffer, was a graduate and captain of the Bowdoin lacrosse team during his college stint.  Will Graham 76 had mentioned that this might be a good year to pull some of the old boys together to see this Bowdoin game and also pay tribute to Coach Pfeiffer, who thirty years ago led the Panther laxmen to their first ECAC Championship victory over Williams College (11-10) in May of 1975.

Middlebury Lacrosse history buffs will remember that 1975 marked the beginning of Midd's recognized dynasty in this sport.  It was the first year the college allowed the lacrosse team to participate in the ECAC tourney -- and the path of Middlebury Lacrosse has been well documented starting at this date.

As has often been noted, previous outstanding Middlebury teams were never able to prove their stature with a post season tournament.  One would have a hard time telling Midd's college All-Americans like Erik Green 61, Tom Mettee 63, Jeff McKay 65, Fred Beams 66, Charlie Sullivan 68, Ralph Sexton 69, Dave Bahnson 69, Rick Moore 69, Chris Grejtak 71, Brad Bruce 72, and leaders like Doug Arnot 72 (whose team in 1972 beat Amherst, Williams, Bowdoin, Dartmouth, and UNH), that their teams would not have heralded significant glory for Middlebury Lacrosse in an ECAC tournaments. Be that as it may, however, the '75 ECAC tourney was a landmark, and Coach "The Bear" Pfeiffer was there to lead the way. I hope (my own absence notwithstanding due to our Senior Exhibitions out here in California), Panther lax fans and alum, young and old, can be there to pay respects to an outstanding man and coach, Rob Pfeiffer, and also to enjoy what is always a great New England lacrosse match-up.


Regards from California,

Mike Mulligan, '75