From Eric Kemp ‘80


..."Oh my aching hamstrings ! "


Robert Frost.... Upon returning from poetry contest vs Henry Longfellow at Bowdoin College.


Thank you to all the players, alumni, wives and children, who made this "reunion" a thrill!


Our enthusiasm and emotion for each other, the college, and the sport continue to inspire. I personally was coached by, was a teammate of, or coached every single player on the grandmaster roster vs. Bowdoin, and want to sincerely thank you for reviving old memories and creating new ones. Like the Vail trip 10 years ago it was a a special moment for me.


My latest favorite quote was after the game, in the huddle, when Steve Clancy '81 said "Hey...who we playing next weekend?"


Surprise visits from Beau Coash and Bruce Collamore were welcome! New players to the alumni group included Jim Carey (who became the newest keeper of the Kohn), Desmond Hussey, Mike Haynes and Dave Storrs who was the gracious winner of the Friday night dinner check, although Hickey and Wheeler were both reaching for their credit cards.... (Wheeler only ordered a salad) ...and Dave Hennessy got the longest distance award from either team flying in from Idaho.


As far as the game goes the class of '82, ECAC Championship # 6, with 9 representatives  dominated the tempo of the game..., Duane Ford (no relation to Gerald) raked in the faceoffs and continued a tradition of Panther leadership dating back to the Carter administration...Paul Scheufele was stellar in the nets despite wanting to subconsciously turn around and go home half way up the freeway to Maine...( the sports psychologist and On Star eventually turned him back around) and Will Graham '76, the visionary of Middlebury old man lacrosse retired, called it quits, left his equipment on the field, and moved to California.... There would be no Vail, no Bobo, no alumni teams, no Pete Kohn movie star, without the dream and support of Will. Good luck to you and Marguerite in CA!


Bowdoin has agreed to return to the home of the Silver Panther next year so mark your calendar and drag out the gimps (teammates) and their rocking chairs that didn't show this year. Best wishes and Happy Easter to all!



From Duane Ford ‘78


Here is a picture for you all to visualize:

A bunch of us old farts were watching the varsity game on the far side of the field amongst the funnel-drinking, trash-talking Bowdoin scholars.
When we scored in OT, picture a stunned Polar Bear crowd and seven middle-aged Middleburys jumping up and down like total maniacs. I loved it.

Game ball nominees from Alumni morning game:

Peter Ulrich- The GB award- for tremendous GB play, great possessions and release passes.

Dave Storrs- The "I need Oxygen" award- For having the one on one defensive effort of his life. #5 for Bowdoin thought he had a great match up (so did we). Storker won that battle and crawled to the sideline with a roar from us.

Greg Wheeler- the Houdini award- for the best sideline escape ever with time running out. The message was clear from Wheeler by this effort- stop the fat/slow jokes.

Roy Giarrusso- the 10 second "I'm going to the hoop" shot clock award - Roysio was awesome though Coach Myronious' blood pressure was off the chart because "we need to have longer possessions". Pete did admonish the team while facing and lathering up Roysio.

Desmond Hussey- the Gary Gait award- Des tried a behind the back over the head miracle shot resulting in a pulled quadricep.

Pete Kohn- the Knute Rockne award- Pete was on his full game on Saturday.  His messages at TOs and between periods were inspirational. Ritt was always behind him to give the signal when to do the "Let's Go Blue" cheer.

Jim Carey- the Keeper award- JC did a great job being the Keeper of the Kohn for the day. He still, like all of us, doesn't know how he got the

Schife- "I only cover the 6 by 6" award- for proper use of the orange pipes and overall effort and leadership.

Ritt- Goalie warm up turf shot award- Ritt's goal was a result of knowing the exact location to bounce the ball on turf for a just below the crossbar goal. Practice makes perfect having done this thousands of times.  Plus, Ritt retired after the goal and when the Varsity appeared.

There are many other potential nominees......

The Real Game ball: Eric Kemp- The great to have you back award- terrific organization, even better motivation skills, and a new tradition has started. Way to go, Eric.

I am interested in other nominees . My only regret from weekend, I apologize for not singing  Cheer Boys Cheer 



From Bobo Sideli ‘77


My recollections:

- Loading up the cars at Schife's house - we (Schife, Eric and me) informed Jim Carey '81 that he would be driving Peter to Maine.  He had no idea what a voyage he was about to embark on.

- Traveling down the highway, Schife was extremely relaxed and chatting with  Eric and me.  But I informed him that I thought that the game was to have tremendous significance and it wouldn't be like playing in Vail.  He sort of looked surprised and claims that I was trying to scare him.  We then stopped in New Haven to pick up his son Darren and about 30 minutes later, he told us that we had been driving in the wrong direction (back toward his home) since we picked up Darren.  My theory is that Schife wanted to go home.  It's just a theory, but a very compelling one!

- We finally arrived at Kevin's hotel in Portland at around 7:30 PM and we found the lobby bar full of friends.  Lots of hugging, beer and munchies, with Kevin playing the consummate host.

-  There is an Irish pub across the street and we all head over there for dinner.  We sit ourselves down at big long table, but Peter gets stuck in an adjoining  room trying to find enough light to read the menu and watch the day's baseball news. I then notice that a cute blonde is flirting with Peter.  What a sight, Peter in his Middlebury sweatshirt and Middlebury baseball cap nodded his head talking to a tipsy blonde.  Peter finally
joined our table, and of course the blonde and all of her friends come over to our table to get their pictures taken with Peter.  Someone at our table states that Peter is better chick magnet than a Golden Retriever!

-  Dave Caputi (Midd alum/Bowdoin head football coach) showed up to join us.  He went to the hotel and didn't find us, but when he walked out of the hotel and saw the Irish pub, he knew were he found us.

-  I knew we were serious/scared about playing the next day when no one in the group ordered a beer with dinner!

-  Driving up to Bowdoin the next morning, I was staring out the window of Schife vehicle and behold I see a vision on the highway.  It is the silhouette of none other than one of Middlebury's most cranially challenged alums, Duane Ford.  Of course the windows get rolled down and there is lots of hooting and hollering.  Just the beginning of a long day of silly antics.



From Greg Wheeler ‘78


Hey, Kemp:  You better NOT stop with the ribbing, or I might start liking you, and that would be embarassing if word got out that an attackman felt any kind of lovin' for a defenseman!  Great job up at Bowdoin, and looking forward to seeing you do the Chafee in Vail, i.e.-crossing the mid line, that is!!!  Cheers, Wheels



From David Storrs ‘81


After the game Schife said something like "what is the deal with this picture of me?  What in the world are you thinking about?" as he went into the stall in our "locker room."  Too funny.  You let out the beans!  I think we have to wait for a quiet time later on and then we can bring up the pin again.  I did try to send it before the weekend but it didn't go through for some reason.  I gave Burch and JJ a private showing and both of them thought it was pretty funny.


I really enjoyed your synopsis of the game and agree with you.  It was fun but damn do I ever need to get in shape!!  I think my playing weight was about 215 so 260 doesn't carry so well.  Next year  I will be in far, far better shape.  It was just great to play with you, Schife, JJ, Will, Hick, Chafe et al.  I don't think there is any doubt this is the kind of thing that will go on for generations.  The way Duane presented the ball to Kemp was at once funny and moving.  As you know Kemper has not had an easy go of it and to see him pull all this together was inspiring and rewarding - just to see how much it meant to him. 


What a time.  I am looking forward to next year when the Polar Bears will restock and find more legs to come to Midd.  That would be a challenge, but then again, I would expect that we might get Burch, Giff, Big Heff, Dobey and a few others!  Again, Bobo, I appreciate the invitation and it was great to see you again.  Looking forward to the next time and hope it is soon.


Cheer Boys Cheer



From Desmond Hussey ‘82


I second that on Sarge. I never really saw him play before. He's a force. And he lent me his backup stick. Almost scored with it.


It's incredible that we could pull off that kind of event. A credit to the people who put it together (Kemper, Sideli, et. al), and a credit to the spirit of the school. It was so great to see the faces I haven't seen these many years: Heff, Royzio, Henderson, Frankie A., Ulie, Chaffee, Turbo, Haynesie, Stork, JC, Clancy, Eric, Scheuf, Duano, Beau. I hadn't seen any of these characters in many years, and it felt just like old times. Even Pete was there to sanctify the event!  Plus, I got to meet some legends from eras past: Graham, Bobo, Wheeler, Sargent, etc. I was on the sidelines in the spring of 78 visiting the college when these guys put the wood to Dartmouth, and I was very impressed. What they did Saturday was probably even more impressive.


I'm going to collect anecdotes and try to put together a story for the Middlebury Magazine. Someone remarked that they are tired of reading about some grad who discovered a new species of weevil in Ecuador. A story about this game--the lead-up, the characters, the re-acquainances, the oponents, the game, the convalescence--would provide more interesting reading for most alums. Anyone who has specific stories about the game--funny comments, unheralded heroics, color commentary--please sned them along to me at, or use the server. I'll be contacting Eric for more details on the exact origins of the game, names of key Bowdoin players, etc.


I'll have plenty of time to write as I recover.



From Mike Haynes ‘80


I was going to just enjoy the banter and smile but I thought I might make a different observation - and I always tell my kids "different doesn't mean

I volunteered for my first post Middlebury lacrosse game because I hear good things about alum lacrosse from my neighbor on the cape (schife) and because a fine friend (kempa) was a great motivator with humor and wit.

So I go out and get in a little better shape - do some sprinting on the treadmill and gather up spare lacrosse equipment from fellow workers and friends.  I'm thinking about being in shape and running up and down the field and all that stuff.

here's what happened -  I stood on the sidelines - in the pouring rain – and was more than proud to have a Middlebury uniform on my back.  in the beginning - I had a daughter watching and I was concerned about playing time. I watched better defensemen start the game and the minutes quickly ticked off. I played a little in the first quarter and then watched some people on the sideline. Bobo was a guy I watched because he was "Mr. Vail" and goes to all these events and this is what I heard from him  - "go ahead - you go in"  . He was enjoying the experience without having to play a bunch of minutes.   I would ask kempa - do you want a spell? the answer - sure - come on in. Guys were asking "Who hasn't played this quarter? The sidelines were full of laughter and amusing comments. Guys saying hello  to fellow players, alumni and friends.  It was about being Middlebury lax and not necessarily playing Midd lax.

I found out the game was not all about playing . (although after Bowdoin scored to go 10-7, I did hear "kemp,chaffe,graham, get in there") I enjoyed the second half - got a few minutes on the field -  and completely enjoyed the whole experience with the boys from midd.

After reading about all the guys intending on "making it next year"  - I hope you all show up -  in all shapes and sizes. The more the merrier.  The more players on the sidelines, the better. Don't worry about playing - just get to midd. It will be worth the time and effort.



From Kevin Mahaney ‘84


I now know why we had previously lost some games to the Polar Bears. It was Grube’s fault!!!  Didn’t he realize that McKeon and Royzio were potent offensive weapons (each scoring) and were wasted playing goalie and defense. They could have been the margin of victory two and a half decades ago.