The Strength of the Hills, Middlebury College, 1915 – 1990. David M. Stameshkin.  University College Press of New England. 1996.


Chapter 13 – Athletics, pg 279


Lacrosse also gained a substantial following after the war, when, with the prodding of Curtis Cushman'50, it was first accorded minor sport status. Many football players became attracted to the lacrosse team in the spring, and this helped Middlebury win nine ECAC New England titles after 1973.  Indeed, thirty-four Middlebury men won All-American honors or mention in lacrosse in the period 1960 - 1990.  Powerful midfielder John Burchard '80 starred in both football and lacrosse and was considered by his coaches to be "one of the best college athletes in Division III”. Other lacrosse stars who helped the Panthers to a 105-30 record between 1975 and 1985 included Will Graham '76, Peter Boucher '76, Bill Kuharich '76, Tom Callanan '77, Roy Heffernan '78, Roger Nicholas '80, Eric Kemp '80, Chip Clark '80, Jeff Thomsen'83, Mark Chafee '85, David Hennessy '85, Kevin Mahaney '85, and Steve Kirkpatrick '87. In 1988, the team had a 13 - 1 mark, won the ECAC championship, and ranked seventh in the country in Division III.