10 Essential Points To Be A Successful Goalie



Matt Slautterback

April 1991


1.             Keep the stick head further out so not to have to go around your head to get to the offside head shots.  Also keep the stick head Flat so that there is more area showing.  This means keeping top & bottom hands on the same plane.

2.             On right side low/bounce shots need to practice keeping stick head flat.  You have tendency to turn it Ė thus less saving area.

3.             Donít guess.  Need to practice seeing the ball coming out of the stick.  Although you usually know where itís going you are developing bad habit and will probably let some close ones go by that could have been saved if youíd seen the ball.

4.             On in close with attackman, or not necessarily close but when you are locked on pipe, once it is clear that attackman isnít shooting but redirecting across the cage then need to get to the other side as quickly as possible.

a.    Lead with your head.  Need to turn it fast as you are moving, in order to see where to go.  Move fast.

b.   Gauge by the pass whether or not to go hi or low but always come across ready to go hip height or lower.  Ė If the pass is low then the shot will have a hard time being anywhere above hip.  If pass is high then youíve also baited high.  Youíll know heís going high so come up big.

5.             On over the top passes youíve gotten in the habit of not calling check.  Need to yell CHECK loud!

a.    Also not whipping around fast enough.  Come around head first and fast Ė make sure your position is right.

6.             Your position has been off. Make sure itís right and that youíre not too far out.  Need to be able to get anywhere on the crease in one step.

7.             Make sure your talk is clear and correct.

- also get the numbers right.  Donít confuse the D.

8.             Meet with Quinn and study 6 on 6 and especially man down.

9.             Donít take the little step to bait and if you do Ė GO HARD.  Always be ready for the shot.

10.         Whatever happens Ė Wing it Ė go with it & save the ball.  Remember to be loose but amped and that there are certain things you can do to be better but that things will happen in games and in practice that are beyond your control.  Donít think twice about them.  Go with it.