Letters to the Editor

Lacrosse Magazine (September/October)

Pg. 12


Peter Kohn Worthy of Hall


Having known Peter Kohn for nearly 50 years I can only chuckle when Peter was described as "mentally disabled" in the July/August issue.  If only we could all be as mentally disabled as Peter.  I look forward to the full-length documentary on Peter's life that builds on the tribute video which I have had the pleasure of viewing.  From player to coach to college president these words are repeatedly used to describe Peter: open, honest, giving, disciplined, insightful, committed, supportive, loyal, conscientious, humble.  As one former player remarked in the tribute video, "He's so selfless he helps us to look beyond our own small issues and differences; he makes us better people."  Another former player concluded, "The essence of Peter Kohn is that he is so much more than the tasks he does."  Mentally disabled?  I don't think so.  But I'll tell you what I do think: Peter Kohn would be a worthy addition to the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame.  What do you think?


-  Jerry Schmidt, Ocean Pines, Md.

   National Lacrosse Hall of Fame '83