WATPA: FW: CMP Launches Internet Evolution - A Web 2.0 Site Focused on the Future of the Internet

From: Norm Jacknis <norm@jacknis.com>
Date: Mon Oct 01 2007 - 19:05:28 EDT

CMP Launches Internet Evolution -

A Web 2.0 Site Focused on the Future of the Internet

Announces the First 60 All-Star Contributors to Site's 'thinkerNet'
Blogosphere; Offers Editorial, Opinion, Video & User-Generated Content

NEW YORK, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- CMP today launched a new Web 2.0
site dedicated to investigating the future of the Internet.

Called Internet Evolution ( <http://www.internetevolution.com/>
http://www.internetevolution.com/), the site draws content from four
sources: insightful opinion from world famous Internet experts contributing
to the site's "thinkerNet" blogosphere; broadcast-quality broadband video
documentaries and interviews; investigative reports by CMP's reporters and
analysts; and user-generated content facilitated via the latest Web 2.0

"Internet Evolution will chronicle the next huge leap forward in the history
of the Internet," says Steve Weitzner, CMP President and CEO. "This is one
of CMP's most significant new launches of 2007 and embodies everything CMP
stands for, including the best analysis of technology issues -- provided by
our writers, our readers, and the most famous experts in the communications

World-Famous Contributors

A cornerstone of the site is the thinkerNet -- where world-famous Internet
experts blog and interact with the site's audience via message boards.
Contributors include authors, entertainment executives, musicians,
economists, politicians, CIOs, investors, activists, and Internet

The first 60 contributors to the thinkerNet are announced today. They
feature the CIOs of Boeing (John Hinshaw), General Motors (Ralph Szygenda),
and the US Department of Defense (John Grimes) -- also, Craig Newmark, the
founder of Craigslist.com, and Philip Rosedale, CEO of Linden Labs, the
company that develops and maintains Second Life.

   Other contributors include:
    * Kevin Mitnick, security maven
    * Dr. Lawrence G. Roberts, inventor of packet switching
    * Howard Schmidt, former White House cybersecurity adviser
    * Thomas Dolby, musician, pioneered confluence of music and technology
    * Erez Liebermann, cybercrime prosecutor
    * Matt Bross, CTO, BT, the UK national telecom operator
    * Don Tapscott, best-selling author of Wikinomics
    * Parry Aftab, leader of the fight against online child porn and
      cyber bullying
    * Harry Knowles, online film critic, founder of Aintitcool.com
    * Ira Winkler, former National Security Agency analyst, author of
      Spies Among Us

   Investigative Reports

Internet Evolution provides in-depth and comprehensive analysis of key
Internet issues via investigative reports. The first, titled "Digital
Content & the Enterprise -- Resistance Is Fatal!" is published on the site
today, and explains how enterprise organizations are better off embracing
digital content technologies as a means to increase profitability, rather
than trying to control their encroachment on corporate networks.

Other topics addressed on the site over the next six months include the
impact of digital content on enterprise networks; using videoconferencing to
reduce the amount of business travel and thus aid with the problem of
reducing carbon emissions; addressing the poverty gap between industrialized
nations and the developing world; education; entertainment; and social

Broadband Video

Internet Evolution will also feature "The Web Wide World," a global video
series that will present an engaging look at how businesses, localities, and
cultures use the Internet differently around the world. The videos are
presented in small-form broadband video format. The first episode of "Web
Wide World," available on the site now, focuses on new Internet developments
in London.

User-Generated Content

Internet Evolution is designed from the ground up to support a slate of Web
2.0 features that transform it from a static, text-driven model into an
interactive community.

At the core of each feature is the goal of giving the user more power and
control over the information on the site, encouraging them to become part of
the Internet Evolution community and contribute to it. Features include:
blogs equipped with widgets; personalized-user home pages with "favorite"
tags and Websites; and "Find a Friend" algorithms that recommend users to
community members with similar interests.

"At Internet Evolution we believe that the Internet is at a tipping point,
not just in terms of the number of people using it, but also how they use
it," says James C. Johnson, Site Editor of the new publication. "In addition
to presenting huge opportunities for companies to invent new businesses and
improve the ways they run their old businesses, Internet Evolution will
explore the Internet's likely impact on every aspect of life as we know it."

Internet Evolution, and its thinkerNet blogosphere, was conceived by Stephen
Saunders, an independent consultant helping B2B publishers launch and
develop successful online businesses. Prior to his current role, Stephen was
the Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Light Reading (
<http://www.lightreading.com/> http://www.lightreading.com/), an online
startup, which was purchased by CMP in 2005.

Anyone interested in contributing to Internet Evolution or the thinkerNet
should email the site's editors at editors@internetevolution.com

About CMP

CMP ( <http://www.cmp.com/> http://www.cmp.com/) is a media and marketing
solutions company serving the technology industry. With the leading online,
event, and print brands in all technology market categories, and with
services and tools that reach beyond traditional advertising, CMP shapes and
influences the technology industry worldwide. CMP publishes highly respected
media brands such as TechWeb, InformationWeek, ChannelWeb, CRN, EE Times,
and TechOnline; produces major industry events such as Interop, Web 2.0
Expo, XChange, Game Developer Conference, and the Embedded Systems
Conferences; and provides business information and marketing services such
as the International Customer Management Institute, Semiconductor Insights,
and Second Life consulting for technology marketers. CMP is a subsidiary of
United Business Media ( <http://www.unitedbusinessmedia.com/>
http://www.unitedbusinessmedia.com/), a global provider of news distribution
and specialist information services with a market capitalization of more
$3 billion. For more CMP news, go to cmp.com/news.
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