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From: Norm Jacknis <norm@jacknis.com>
Date: Sun May 06 2007 - 22:42:00 EDT

FYI -- WATPA is a member of the advisory committee.


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Dear Internet Caucus Advisory Committee members:

The video of yesterday's fascinating panel discussion "Just The Facts About
Online Youth Victimization" is now available online at
<http://www.netcaucus.org/events/2007/youth/video.shtml> The nation's top
researchers on child online safety presented the findings from their
research in the Mansfield Room of the U.S. Capitol Building.

The discussion pointed out that some of our most basic assumptions of youth
online victimization are not supported by the facts. And, that educators and
policymakers need to target education and solutions to those teens and
children most at risk. Other topics included harassment and bullying and
exposure to sexually explicit content online.

Panelists included:

* Danah Boyd, University of California, Berkeley
* Dr. David Finkelhor, Crimes against Children Research Center (CCRC),
University of New Hampshire
* Amanda Lenhart, Pew Internet & American Life Project [Bio]
* Dr. Michele Ybarra, President, Internet Solutions for Kids

We have also posted a bibliography of some of their key research papers
online at <http://www.netcaucus.org/events/2007/youth/resources.shtml>.

Please visit http://www.netcaucus.org/events/2007/youth/ for more

Tim Lordan
Executive Director
Congressional Internet Caucus
Advisory Committee
202-638-4370 ext 323
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