WATPA: FW: User-Generated Content - Can Copyright Tolerate Mixing &Mashing?

From: Norm Jacknis <norm@jacknis.com>
Date: Tue Mar 13 2007 - 18:48:43 EDT

FYI -- WATPA is a member of the Advisory Committee.


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Internet Caucus Advisory Committee Members:

Since we held our State of the Net Conference panel on "User-Generated
Content - Can Copyright Tolerate Mixing & Mashing?" there has been a great
deal of legal activity around this issue. We have recently posted the video
of that fascinating and timely conference panel discussion on the
NetCaucus.org web site.

To see the video, please visit:

Panelists Include
* Jim DeLong, Progress & Freedom Foundation
* Rob Pegoraro, The Washington Post (moderator)
* Pam Samuelson, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology
* Steven Starr, Revver.com
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