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From: Sean P. Cover <spcover@scarsdaletech.com>
Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 18:07:46 EDT

I have never been to a WATPA meeting and have been lurking on the sidelines
on the mailing list for years. My apologies for not being more actively
involved. I keep on thinking I'd like to come to the next meeting, but
never overcome my busy schedule to get to the monthly meeting.
It might help to convert people like me from watchers to participants if we
knew what actually happened at these meetings, either as in what happened at
the last meeting or as in what is on the agenda for the upcoming meeting.
Do you have agendas for upcoming meetings? Do you have minutes for past
meetings? Who are the officers of the WATPA? What projects are you
currently working on? What do you discuss at these meetings? There is very
little information about the WATPA actually disseminated through this
mailing list. Is there another mailing list or newsletter I should be
signing up for? Am I missing something?
I do not want to seem petulant. Far from it. But I think it's a point to
be noted that busy people like myself, who are very active supporting
technology-related activities here in Westchester, either through our
businesses or charitable efforts, may have signed up for this mailing list
in order to learn more about the WATPA and to see if it was worthwhile
becoming more activley involved in it. I've been on the mailing list for
what must be 3-5 years now and I know just as little as I did then as I do
now. The WATPA website does not shed any light on the organization's recent
activities either. A greater effort should be made to highlight the recent
activities and the current projects of the organization.

Sean P. Cover

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