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From: Norm Jacknis <norm@jacknis.com>
Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 21:16:12 EDT
This -- http://www.scoopt.com/  -- is an interesting British website that encourages people to create their own on-line newspaper.  Do you think such a site would work here?




Britain on Britain - a Scoopt Supplement

Britain on Britain is the Scoopt Supplement that allows you to make the news. We're looking for all stories that affect 100 or more British people today.

  • Do you have a story to tell about life in Britain today?
  • Do you know about something that other people should know about?
  • Do you need to blow the whistle?

If you are looking for a way to speak out, Britain on Britain is for you. This is your chance to be a photojournalist!

What's in a story?

The subject can be a local or a national issue. It should be topical and can be hard-hitting. It can be negative or positive. What matters most is that your story is of interest to a wider audience and affects -- or will affect -- the lives of at least 100 people in Britain.

Some ideas:

  • An act of stunning corporate, local authority or governmental stupidity
  • An act of stunning corporate, local authority or governmental ingenuity!
  • Shocking health and safety standards in the workplace
  • The inside story on a local action campaign
  • Wildlife being destroyed by illicit fly-tipping
  • An on-the-spot report of a scientific or medical breakthrough
  • Lousy (or brilliant) disabled access
  • A Darwin Awards contender caught in the act
  • The impact of the closure of a local factory or village post office
  • A train or tube journey from hell
  • Criminal behaviour going unreported or tolerated

But in fact just about anything can make a saleable story, so don't be bound by these guidelines. Just think in terms of the stories you read in the newspapers. Does your story demand to be told?

What to do now

Capture one or more photos that illustrate your story and write a brief description of the subject matter. If we consider that your story has merit and would interest a publisher, we'll follow it up with you directly. If necessary, we can put a journalist on the case to research the facts and interview the people involved. We will then endeavour to sell the story, with photos, to the press. And of course we'll share the fee with you.*

We will also publish a selection of members' stories and photos here on the Scoopt website.


  • Join Scoopt if you haven’t already done so
  • Log in to the site
  • Click the Upload Photos button
  • Select Britain on Britain from the list of categories
  • And send us your photo(s)

Then click here to email us your story in around 100 words.

* NOTE: Normally, Scoopt pays you 50% of the fee when we sell a photo. However, where we incur additional costs such as employing a professional journalist, we'll pay you 50% of the fee after these expenses have been deducted. We'll discuss this with you as we go along. The good news is that we can normally get a significantly higher fee when selling a researched story than when selling a photo alone.

we need your storeies now

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