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From: Jeanne Betsock Stillman <>
Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 16:59:14 EST

Dear Norm,

I have not heard of the kindersite project.

I am attaching for your information, though, an article I've just written
aimed at nonprofit organizations that I think will be published in the April
issue of ADO Insider (Association of Development Officers). In this I cite
WATPA, which is the reason I wrote to you the other day to ask how UNA-USA
could be featured on the site.

Of possibly more interest to WATPA readers though is the study that I cite
in the article that was commissioned by the Pew Foundation and published in
December. Information is as follows:

Madden, Mary, principal author and Lee Rainie, editor. Washington, DC: Pew
Internet & American Life Project. December 2003. Available online at

Best regards,


Jeanne Betsock Stillman
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> WATPA was sent this email. Does anyone know anything about this project?
> Any comments?
> Thanks,
> Norm
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> I would like to very briefly introduce you to the digital divide
> Project.
> The digital divide Kindersite's mission is to commission, test and deliver
> the
> 'best' community appropriate digital content to use for the introductory
> process
> to technology for digitally disadvantaged communities.
> As Professor Howard Besser, co-Director UCLA/Pacific Bell Initiative for
> 21st Century says in The Next Digital Divides, "The huge gap in the
> appropriateness
> of online content to under-served populations threatens to greatly
> social
> disparities".
> Andrew Benson Greene, National Coordinator, iEARN Project, Sierra Leone,
> wrote
> to us, saying, "Since WSIS in Geneva, many high-tech gadgets have been
> assembled
> in Palexpo, but there has been few opportunities for the Sierra Leone
> community
> to reap the benefits".
> This mission will be completed by gaining an understanding of what
> constitutes
> appropriate introductory content for a community through a testing process
> using
> the Kindersite platform.
> The outcomes desired are that individuals and communities will understand
> from
> the first introduction what the meaning of the new technology can be on an
> individual
> level and why they should engage and investigate the new tool.
> The commissioning of content will be completed on a local level with the
> purpose
> of stimulating growth in locally-based content providers.
> The existing Kindersite research and delivery platform that addresses the
> introduction
> of technology to early learners has already been partially completed and
> proven
> in the field.
> To achieve thus huge task the digital divide Kindersite needs to build a
> large
> coalition of partners (individuals and organizations) who are prepared to
> aid
> and support the project in achieving its global mission and is now looking
> for
> expressions of support for Members of a Board, Trustees, Advisors,
> Implementing
> Partners and Coalition Partners etc.
> Further information including a fuller description can be found on the
> Kindersite
> website at:
> Please note: Only if you reply or request information/progress updates
> you
> receive additional messages. If you do NOT reply then you will receive NO
> further
> emails, you will be unsubscribed.
> Joel Josephson, Director
> Kindersite Project
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