RE: WATPA: Request for web assistance

From: Cindy <>
Date: Tue Jun 24 2003 - 22:48:56 EDT

I'd be happy to help with website. In terms of maintenance, we can talk
to them about constructing the site so that they can maintain it on
their own with minimal amount of traning.

Also, we are just about to release a product that they may be able to
use for their site that would allow them to use a browser based admin
tool to change content on their site. I'll be able to advise them better
when I know what they have in mind for their site.

Anyway, ask them to contact me and we can discuss their needs.


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Subject: WATPA: Request for web assistance

We've been asked if we have a volunteer to work with the Westchester
African-American Advisory Board to help create and, possibly, maintain
website. You can see what they have now by going to

If you're interested please email back to me.

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