WATPA: fw: city of rye symposium 6/12/03

From: Ching Wah Chin (chingwah.chin@cityofyonkers.com)
Date: Wed Apr 30 2003 - 09:51:57 EDT


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Dear Westchester County Municipal Official:
In recent years a series of "symposia" have been held regarding cable TV in
Westchester. The focus of these meetings has often been on local programming
and public, educational, and government access television. The City of Rye
is planning to host another symposium on June 12, from noon to 2:30 PM in
Rye City Hall. The focus of this meeting will be solely on franchise
renewal, and will consist of presentations by several consulting/law firms
that specialize in assisting municipalities in the complex process of cable
TV franchise negotiating.
Please mark June 12 on your calendar, and/or share this information with
staff members or committees involved in cable TV franchise administration.
We hope this meeting will provide valuable information for communities
facing franchise renewal in the next few years.
We hope to see you or your representative at noon on June 12 in Rye City
Hall. More information will be provided as we get closer to the date.
The Rye Cable TV Committee: 
Doris Blank, Chair 
Marge Bancel
Margo Burgheimer 
John Carey 
Steve Fairchild 
Marvin Goldstein 
Susan Sciascia
James Kenny
Cable TV Coordinator City of Rye, NY 
914-967-7242 jkenny(at)ryeny.gov

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