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We would welcome your involvement in this project. Please contact Bice
Wilson and Ching Wah Chin, who are organizing it.

Norm Jacknis

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My name is Lawrence Karabaic. For some time I have followed WATPA
messages with interest but I have never attended a meeting or
participated simply because I did not see where the group was heading or
what I might contribute. Also, being semi-retired makes one lazy.
However, recently you requested participation from those interested in
public access. If I can be of assistance, please let me know. This has
always been a favorite and important topic for me.

Presently, I wear several hats. I am a retired teacher and media
specialist who spent 20 years working in public access during its
infancy, especially in the schools. At that time we created a national
organization devoted to promoting independent productions in public
access. Although we had 4 annual conventions many years ago, at this
moment I do not know if it is still active. I was also a member of a
town committee to negotiate cable television franchise agreements.

My other hats include teaching video production at the college level and
working as an independent producer, writer and editor in video and
photography. My company name is Creative Images.

Unfortunately, arthritis and other commitments keep me from being as
active as I once was, but if I can be of assistance, please let me know.
  Thank you!

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