RE: WATPA: why a WATPA Caucus at ACM Conference?

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Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 20:30:08 EST

why a WATPA Caucus at ACM Conference?I think this is a very good idea and
Ching Wah Chin's point about integration and WATPA's long term goals are

I want to encourage everyone to participate. I know there are several folks
with experience in video, community media, etc. and this is a natural outlet
and opportunity.

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  the regional brooklyn alliance meeting is for issues concerning
public access television, and folks active in the community stations
generally find many discussions of interest there. there are some who feel
that acm is a bit too anti-industry, or perhaps too community oriented. you
should of course make up your own mind.

  bice' idea (feel free to correct) which is shared by some others, is that
regardless of how you view acm specifically, public access tv matters are
inherently integrated and will in the future be even more integrated w the
issues which watpa is more traditionally associated, broadband access,
information access, infrastructure development, etc. especially as cable
providers are growing as players in the high speed telecommunications arena.

  accordingly, a gathering of westchester folks might assist in creating a
more coherent approach to community development, mutually supporting
strategies, share technological insights, etc, for westchester county
technology solutions. all objectives which seem to be part of watpa's
long-standing goals.


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> Gentlepersons,
> We've not gotten much response to our query about
> organizing a caucus of
> Westchester Public Access, Library, Telecomm &
> Telecomm Regulatory Folk at
> the Alliance for Community Media Conference in
> March.
> Does anyone have suggestions
> about networking
> opportunities for outreach to libraries,
> institutions, local officals with an
> interest in these areas?
> And then there's: Any suggestions for a speaker or
> other attractor of
> interest to our target audience?
> Bice C. Wilson
> My name is Gene Robins. I have been following your e
  mails on this subject. I am a video producer but I
  really do not understand the purpose or motivation of
  this organization. If I knew more about it I might be
  able to show more interest. I did look at the pdf on
  the meeting but I don't think that provides the answer
  to my query. Perhaps you can give me some more info.
  Gene Robins

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