WATPA: I'll help w/ WATPA participation at ACM Conference in March

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From: BiceW@AOL.COM
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 10:32:16 EST

I believe strongly that WATPA has an important role to play in forums such as
the Alliance for Community Media. One of the major issues facing the
Community Media community is the evolving definition of media access, and
the facilities and institutions which offer such access.

One important idea ACM explores is the evolution of the Public Access Studios
into multi-media Community Media Centers, integrating libraries, public
meeting facilties, origination points for local content distribution, as
well as training and access to a broad range of media. Many of these Centers
play a significant role in Workforce Development, as well as Distance

There are none (to my knowledge) in Westchester.

I attended a meeting of the Cable Access Leadership in Westchester with Chuck
Sherwood last summer. The meeting was chaired by Doris Blank, who works for
Nita Lowey. I came away feeling that that group, with it's focus in Cable
TV, and WATPA had a lot to offer each other. Perhaps this conference is a
good place to start that work.

Chuck Sherwood, one of the conference organizers, is an old friend and
current business associate.

I would be happy to work with a committee of WATPA to represent us at the

Anyone else interested?

Bice C. Wilson

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