WATPA: FW: Georgia Community Launches Wireless Broadband Service

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From: Norm Jacknis (norm@jacknis.com)
Date: Fri Jul 05 2002 - 17:01:34 EDT

Not sure this kind of thing would work too well here, but we're seeing more
of this kind of wireless broadband being deployed around the country.


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Georgia Community Launches Wireless Broadband Service
Jul 08, 2002

The town of Ellaville, Ga., has rolled out its own broadband access network
its 1,700 residents, the first non-line-of-sight wireless network in
The town built the so-called Epride.net system -- "the pride of
Ellaville" --
with help from systems integrator Tri-State Broadband and NetStar
Communications. NetStar resells Canadian vendor WaveRider's [WAVC] non-LOS
wireless technology in the United States.

Ellaville's network uses WaveRider's unlicensed 900 MHz equipment with a
hub -- the town's centrally located water tower. Within a one mile radius of
the tower, the system will deliver speeds of 1 Mbps, although the system has
been tested at speeds of 300 kbps more than two miles from the antenna.
will cost $29.95 a month for residents and $34.95 a month for small
Users have a choice of an internal antenna or externally mounted high-gain
antenna for installations that have trouble getting a good signal from the
standard antenna.

Ellaville Mayor Hughes Palmer said the idea was a response to
slow and unreliable dial-up services." The town wanted to have broadband
Internet infrastructure under its own control, and Palmer added that
plans to "aggressively use the wireless service to attract new businesses
related jobs to our community."


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