Re: WATPA: FW: Bill Threatens Broadband Internet Access

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From: YTdave@AOL.COM
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 08:08:51 EDT

Sounds like very important stuff. A couple of additions/footnotes --

1. Verizon is being sued in a class action pending in D.C. for fraud in DSL.
 I met with Verizon reps two weeks ago, and they candidly conceded "we can't
deliver" on DSL. It's a big, lazy dumb bureaucracy, in my humble opinion. I
even offered, on behalf of some local town gov'ts, to partner with them in
upgrading their infrastructure and putting in new Central Stations. Local
govt would be willing in some cases to invest millions to get high speed
Internet access to the hinterlands, to avoid flight of existing business, and
to lure new businesses. Our residents want to commute on the info
superhighway, but we can't get around the institutional ineptitude of the

2. Ask any local ISP how they've dealt with Verizon. One local company
tells me they were almost put out of business by Verizon's inability or
unwillingness to comply with legal obligations to provide service. Lots of
disruptions and delays.

3. Town of Putnam Valley, in frustration, is putting together an RFP for a
private vendor to come in and wire the Town. Cablevision is moving glacially
-- or slower -- in rolling out Optimum Online.

Conclusion: any bill which would allow Verizon to close their system to
competitors, is a bad bill.


David Wright

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