WATPA: FW: Mobile Phones Must Die

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From: Norman J. Jacknis (norm@jacknis.com)
Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 19:34:41 EST

Interesting article from someone who passed it to me.


Mobile Phones Must Die

I have been active on the Internet since late 1994. I registered my
first personal domain name and designed my first web site six years
ago. Web usability guru Jacob Nielsen started his essays just a few
months later. It didn't take me long to discover his site and become a

I have recommended Jacob's writings to so many people over the years
that I have even learned to spell his name correctly, from memory,
without having to double check it. :-)

Jacob is honest and blunt. Extremely so, sometimes. Those are traits I
admire. And, those are traits I've been accused of on more than one
occasion. I am enjoying the coincidence that he and I both are now
delving into the wireless world.

His latest essay "Mobile Phones: Europe's Next Minitel?" is, as usual,
thought provoking. He opens it with this summary:

>Europe's cellular phone system is far superior to that in the United
States. However, telephones will not be the platform for the mobile
Internet. Given this, Europe's advantage may in fact be an obstacle to
real innovations, as France's experience with Minitel shows.<

He goes on to say that the American cellular network is a disgrace and
that mobile phones must die and tells you why.

The complete essay is at:

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