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From: imageart (imageart@computer.net)
Date: Thu Dec 21 2000 - 05:53:28 EST

To My Friends...

This time of year is genuinely special and unique...in the truest sense
of the word. Because of the birth of the Christ Child some 2000 years
ago, our predecessors established a special day to remember the
essential meaning of that miraculous and loving act.

Most of us understand the spirit of the time, the spirit that motivates
us to follow that example ... to give something of ourselves to others
to express our caring and love. We learn from this that giving is the
key to the most fundamental of human virtues, loving our neighbor.
Charity is indeed the greatest of the virtues because it follows the
greatest example we have ever known and because it has the most profound
and real effect on ourselves.

Although, through the ever present media, the predominant message we are
bombarded with is commercial, and as such confusing and a diversion from
the true meaning of the time, there is still that mysterious effect of
"feeling good" by giving of ourselves and seeing, just for a moment,
that happy look on the face of someone we care about when they open our
present to them and realize that someone cared for them. If we are open
to it, that feeling and the memory of it can motivate us and help us
navigate through many of life's problems. It truly is miraculous.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or any of a dozen other
holidays, or none at all, I do want you to know that I am grateful for
your existence. What I wish for you is that it becomes possible for you
to remove all the political and commercial messages of the day and
remember just this one personal message, which I hope is in the spirit
of the original. Someone does care for you!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah my friend! Feel Good!
Enjoy all the sights and sounds of the day! Let this new year, the true
Millennium, be one of peace and good will. May all your needs be met and
your path smooth. Let your life be filled with generous excitement and
variety! And in your quiet moments, may your thoughts drift to the
original giver on this occasion, and may your heart be filled with the
miracle of the moment.

Lawrence Karabaic and family

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