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From: Norman J. Jacknis (njacknis@ix.netcom.com)
Date: Tue Sep 28 1999 - 22:58:45 EDT

For your information.


Date sent: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 08:24:47 -0700
Subject: Invitation to Join the N-TEN Request for Comment
From: "NTEN Announcement List" <nten@emediacy.org>

N-TEN Request for Comment Period Now Open

This is your invitation to join the N-Ten Request for Comments. This open,
public comment period begins today, Sept. 27 and concludes Nov. 5, 1999 on
the Internet, leading to an all day meeting in Washington, DC on Nov. 10.
N-TEN, the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network, is a powerful new
idea, now moving towards concrete expression.

The Internet is changing everything. The landscape of nonprofit
organizations within five years may look dramatically different than it
does today. Information Society can also be Civil Society. It will take
change and resources to realize such a vision.

To get involved and learn more, please browse to the N-TEN RFC at

During July, 1999, after 18 months of research and consultation, a project
called the National Strategy for Nonprofit Technology (NSNT) released a
report -- a blueprint -- suggesting steps the nonprofit sector can take to
use the Internet and information technology far more effectively and
creatively than it has. The blueprint envisions N-TEN as "a
principles-driven convenor and facilitator that can enable many different
interests to powerfully collaborate in strengthening nonprofits through
technology. It will foster this collaboration while respecting -- indeed
celebrating -- the diversity, autonomy and community-rootedness of its

Over the past six months, nearly 700 people asked to be kept informed of
the N-TEN initiative. Of this large number, nearly 200 have signed up
since August to become involved in online discussions on the genesis of
N-TEN. The N-TEN Request for Comments creates a thoughtful forum for this
voice, and space for this voice to grow.

Your time is valuable. Your knowledge, experience and passion are worth a
lot now. You won't be joining just another electronic discussion group.
Discussions will be principled, structured and focused on a set of
fundamental issues. These online discussions begin today, Sept. 27 and
conclude on Nov. 5, 1999. Please take advantage of this open, public

The RFC process is simple: Summaries of your opinions, ideas and issues
gathered through brief survey forms will directly fuel focused online
discussions on the NTEN-Talk listserv over the next six weeks, and shape
the agenda of the N-TEN meeting to be held in Washington, DC on Nov. 10.

To get involved right now and learn more, please browse to

Thank you!

The N-TEN RFC management team,

Richard Civille, Alison Fine, Joan Fanning

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