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From: Vincent Munch (lar) (
Date: Mon Mar 08 1999 - 11:54:51 EST

Hi, Mr. Jacknis:
I was able to attend one meeting of WATPA last fall, 1998; I was
interested to learn about WATPA's involvement with the Congress' Internet
Caucus Advisory Committee; I was also curious to know if the Committee
receives any input from either public (real people) or from agencies
in which real people deal with Internet use with the public?

Vin Munch

On Fri, 5 Mar 1999, Norman J. Jacknis wrote:

> Hi,
> Just so you know, WATPA is on the U.S. Congress' Internet Caucus Advisory Committee. Preliminary information is appended to this email.
> Regards,
> Norm
> ----------
> Dear Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee members:
> Thank you for your letters expressing your intent to play an active role as
> members of the Advisory Committee and welcome to the Advisory Committee of
> the Congressional Internet Caucus for the 106th Congress. We want to
> welcome back those members from the 105th Congress, as well as welcome
> aboard those members who are new to the Advisory Committee this year. As
> you may know, the Co-Chairs of the Caucus are Congressman Boucher,
> Congressman Goodlatte, Senator Leahy and Senator Burns.
> As was discussed at the organizational meeting in January, the Caucus
> Advisory Committee is interested in hosting several educational forums once
> again this year. I have attached the lists of task force members (in Excel
> format) for the forums for this year, both policy and administrative, either
> suggested by you or by the Caucus Co-Chairs.
> In addition to members of the Advisory Committee, we expect to complement
> task force composition with Congressional Members of the Internet Caucus who
> have expressed interest in those issues. Those Members, over the next few
> weeks, will notify the Caucus Co-Chairs of their desire to participate.
> Once those task forces have been established, the event planning will begin.
> Each forum has one of the four Caucus Co-chairs assigned to assist it, and
> their staffer will be the contact person for that task force: Senator Burns
> and Representative Boucher are participating in Access, Senator Leahy and
> Representative Boucher are participating in Privacy, Senator Burns and
> Representative Goodlatte are participating in Security, and Senator Leahy
> and Representative Goodlatte are participating in Content. As you may know,
> the Caucus Co-Chair staff are as follows: Ben Cline with Representative
> Goodlatte (202-225-5431), Mark Rubin and Lauren Frazier with Representative
> Boucher (202-225-3861), Mike Rawson and Renny Hellickson with Senator Burns
> (202-224-8250) and Ed Pagano with Senator Leahy (202-224-7703).
> The Co-Chair staff are excited and hope that this year will be the best yet.
> Thanks to the leadership of the Co-Chair's and their staff, we have had the
> highest turnout rate for Advisory Committee membership yet, and the staff
> continues to be contacted by numerous Congressmen interested in joining the
> Internet Caucus. We are pleased to announce that the Caucus Kick-Off event
> will be held on March 25 on Capitol Hill. Please feel free to contact
> either the Co-Chair staff or Tim Lordan at the IEF if you have questions.
> Thank you for your interest.
> Sincerely,
> Jerry Berman
> Chairman,
> Internet Caucus Advisory Committee

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