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From: William Langham (blangham@westnet.com)
Date: Fri Jan 08 1999 - 10:41:22 EST

This looks interesting...


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  1) Cable connections (@)
        by Edupage Editors <edupage@franklin.oit.unc.edu> (by way of Marsha

Cisco Systems, the leading provider of Internet networking gear, is debuting
a new line of home products that will enable consumers to connect a device
to their regular television cable and receive two phone connections and four
high-speed Internet connections simultaneously. The company is working with
AT&T to build an infrastructure capable of delivering voice, video and
telephone services over cable TV lines. "Today, you get cable TV,
long-distance phone service, local phone service and Internet access from
four different providers," says the general manager for Cisco's newly
created Consumer Line of Business. "This will enable AT&T to offer all four
on one bill." The Cisco cable modem device will sell for about $1,000 and
is aimed at home offices. The company plans to work with a variety of
partners to create a "personalized network" for consumers, making it easier
to connect PCs, TVs, phones and other information appliances to each other
and to the Internet. "This is Cisco landing on the beach," says Gary Arlen
of Arlen Communications. "Home automation has been around for 15 years, but
it hasn't gone anywhere. Cisco makes the whole thing credible." (Los
Angeles Times 7 Jan 99)

Edupage readers may have some interest in taking a look at an article by
John Gehl and Suzanne Douglas in the January issue of "World & I" magazine,
to be found at http://www.worldandi.com

Edupage is written by John Gehl (gehl@educause.edu) and Suzanne Douglas
(douglas@educause.edu). Telephone: 770-590-1017


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