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Web-Based Games

Game Servers

PC-Based Game Sites

  • DynoTech Software Games for Windows, Windows 95, & OS/2 Warp. Many links to other top game sites.
  • Gamecenter- Another site from C|NET, complete with yellow side bars and everything. Dedicated to the art of PC Gaming.
  • Freeverse Software - a bunch of games for download
  • Gamer's Zone - a small collection of variations on other games

Arcade Games & Emulators


MUD stands for Multi-User Dungeon. They are text-based virtual worlds, where you can wander around, talk to people, build things, solve puzzles, go on quests, etc. These sites are accessed by using telnet. If you web browser is properly configured, you should be able to click on a site below and connect direcly to it. If not, you will have to type the address in by hand.

Chat Systems

Chat systems are similar to MUDs, but there is less to 'do'. There usually are puzzles to solve, merely a world to create, wander around, and talk to people in.

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