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  • Airwaves: An on-line magazine dedicated to the art, science, and business of radio broadcasting.
  • Phil's Old Radios: A delightful collection of antique radios and memorabilia.
  • Museum of Television and Radio
  • Radio Days Experience the sounds of radio of the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. Has sound bites, including entire episodes of shows such as Captain Midnight.


  • Applied and Interactive Theatre - information on different kinds of theatre
  • Musicals 101: A former Broadway professional and devoted fan has assembled year-by-year stage chronologies from 1930 to the present.
  • Playbill - theater information from around the country; order tickets from Tele-Charge
  • School Shows a great resource for those working in youth theater
  • TheatreNet - a good source of theatre info - mainly British, but of use to all enthusiasts
  • TDF - organization promoting theater in New York City

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