Chuck Bellantoni

This is my first real attempt to completely enter the net and I hope some people with common interestes enjoy what I have done. I already have plans to increase this section to include complete information on the entire Port Chester Fire Department. I hope to include photos of the apparatus and some candids of "goings on" in the Department.

I have been a volunteer in Port Chester since 1988 and have held the offices of Vice President and President of Harry Howard Hook & Ladder Co. Number 1 for a total of 5 years. I am married and a computer nerd by trade. I'ld like to thank my friend and mentor at Return to WestNet Home Page for all their help in getting my info online. Finally, I'ld like to give a huge credit to my wife, Debbie, who has been my layout consultant, a constant inspiration, and quite frankly, she pays the bills so I have to be nice.(yuk yuk)

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