WestNet: Configuring Microsoft Mail Packages

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Outlook Express | | Outlook 2010 | Outlook 2003 | iPhone | Error Sending Mail

Microsoft has a variety of mail packages that are used in conjunction with Internet Explorer and MS Office. We have tried to include complete instructions for each type of package. If you have further questions, please contact the WestNet staff.

For each package below:

Outlook Express

This package is included with Internet Explorer 5.0 and later. To configure the mail settings:

Outlook 2010

To add a new Account:

To change settings in an existing Account:

Proceed as above

Outlook 2003

This package comes with the Microsoft Office 2003 suites:


To set up your IPhone follow the following steps from the iPhone's home screen:

Resolving problems sending e-mail with Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook express

If you receive a "An error occured when sending mail" or "Sending of Message Failed" when trying to send e-mail after following one of the above procedures, this alternate setup may be more compatible:
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