Mike Builds a Lightweight
"He doesn't look like a Jaguar guy."-service station attendant, The Fast and The Furious

In 1999, I became involved in an impossible project. By an accident of chance, I became the owner of a rusted out Jaguar E-Type. Or more correctly, a pile of rust that had once been a Jaguar E-Type. The car was manufactured in March of 1963. At the moment it was riding down the assembly line, there was another line building E-Types at the sprawling Brown's Lane plant. Jaguar was putting the finishing touches into a small series of special Lightweight E-Types designed to race at Sebring, Nurburgring, and Le Mans. Since my car needed to be rebuilt to the last bolt, I decided to see what would have happened had fate sent it down the other line......

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Latest Updates 10/14/2006

The Lightweights at LeMans
Driving Le Mans by Bob Grossman
Letter from Roy Salvadori
A Real Lightweight: Photo Essay
Lightweight Chassis Numbers
Simon Dunford
Engine Specs
Reconnaisance by Jaguar Touring Club
Final Results
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