Engine Specifications
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    My engine was built by Gran Turismo Jaguar, to their Level 6 specification. In full race tune, as originally delivered, it produced 399 horsepower at 5500 rpm, using 13.5:1 pistons and highly modified 2" SU carburetors. The goal of this project was to build a car similar in spirit to the original Le Mans cars, which were driven to the track on local roads. So the engine was detuned to make it more tractable for occasional street use. Compression ratio was lowered to 10.75:1, and the SU carbs were replaced with triple Weber DCOE 45's. In this state of tune, the engine produces 369HP@5300RPM, 372ft-lbs@5200. The torque curve is very flat from 3000 up, and good power is produced at low revs. Consider that Jaguar's best street engines in stock tune can barely produce 200HP, and that this car will weigh only 2200lbs. A 0-60 time under 4 seconds is expected.

10.75:1 Venolia Pistons


Moly Rings
Carrillo Rods


Tuftrited Crank, straightened and balanced
GTJ Super Oil Pump
ARP Fasteners

Late 4.2 Block, fully prepped

Level 6 Head Porting and Polishing
Completely Heli-Coiled
GTJ 15 Cams
GTJ 6.5 Valve Springs
GTJ 6.6 Valve Spring Seats
Special porting to water ports to enhance flow


GTJ Harmonic Balancer
Racemate Water Pump/Alternator


Dyno Tuned
Mallory Electronic Distributor
High Capacity Ignition Wires
Triple Weber Carburetors


Polished Aluminum Cam Covers
Vented Aluminum Flywheel
Tilton Two Disc Clutch
GTJ Baffled Oil Pan

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