These pages, this car, would not be possible without the assistance of a long list of people. Some of these have been mentioned in the text, some wish to remain anonymous. Among the people mentioned in the pages, Bob Grossman stands out, his thrilling achievement in nursing a Lightweight to the finish of the '63 Le Mans is where the story really began. In the same vein, Roy Salvadori has generously taken the time to share his experiences with the Cunningham team.

Among the builders, Simon Dunford and Terry Pierce of Dunford's made it all possible, Lou Fidanza and Bob Scheid of GT Jaguar provided indispensable help with the motor and suspension. Special mention also to John Black of Waterloo DTS, who designed the heavily customized transmission and rear axle assembly, and who had to put up with my endless requests for status. John Barrett of Barrett Engineering, whose design of the ancillary components was outstanding, deserves special credit as well.

Among the folks who answered my many questions, Philip Porter, who's books and correspondence provided many of the small details is clearly at the top of the list. John Green gave me much advice on the build of the engine. Larry Black of Cunningham Cars helped me identify the correct paint codes, and helped me find Kent Bain of Automotive Restorations. Kent, of course, provided the vital final steps in the painting and assembly process. A good word for Bob Calhoun, who shared his teenage memories (and super 8 movies) of Sebring '63. I also must thank the Maletsky's Joe, Brian, Paul, and of course, Jackie, they have helped me in so many ways. Brian Maletsky, especially, who's work with Bradley Smith on an amazing XJS provided insights into high performance Jaguars. Finally, Tony Parkinson of Vicarage spent many hours with me explaining the ins and outs of building a car overseas.

I would also like to acknowledge the help of the Internet community, and especially the folks at Jag-Lovers. This includes especially Tony Bailey, who allowed me to copy several bitmaps from the collectibles page. Also thanks to Gary Oxley of the Jaguar Model Club, one of the few people who was able to contribute original source material to my research. I should probably acknowledge the help of the many fine vendors of the E-Bay community, the source of so many books, magazines, parts, and manuals that I can hardly enumerate them.

Others who provided a helping hand include Bob Milstein who's work on the Hansgen Special was an inspiration. Mark Hicks, the folks at Martin Robey, John Whyman of the Aston Martin Club (UK), Gary Trobaugh of the Ferrari Club of America, all gave a helping hand.

High praise for the staff at WPA filmworks, who's diligent research allowed me to view television and newsreel footage of the '63 Le Mans.

Thanks to Jaguar Cars, without their products, I'd have had no project!

But above all, I have to thank my wife, whose patient acceptance of her husband's obsession with this car was both unexpected and treasured.

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