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Last update 10/05/97

Please Note: I am no longer working with Progress and am no longer answering e-mail about their current versions.

Progress Performance FAQ:

The Word version is the recommended one to use, the HTML and Text versions lose quite a bit in the translation (and they don't have the latest updates).

Progress Engine Crew Monographs
Performance Management in an RDBMS Environment (Richard S. Smith)

Progress NLM Server Automation FAQ

Automating Progress Data Purges (John D. Johnson)
Hot Backup with AI Extents Smith)
Progress Programming Tips (Rod Gaither)
Progress ODBC FAQ (Geoff Crawford)
Progress reference to the Windows API (Jurjen Dijkstra)

Collection of Progress related WWW sites:

There's another big listing like this one at the PEG site and at the PUG Central site

Places with Progress information

    Progress Software Home Page
    Progress E-Mail Group
    PEG FTP Site
    PROGRESS RDBMS - Australian Home Page
    Richard Smith's Progress FAQ
    Progress Mail Query Server
    Dot R Limited
Places with Progress tools or books for sale
    White Star Software, Inc. Home Page
    Professional Computer Consulting
    ProStats - Progress Database Statistics Monitor
    OpenLink Software (ODBC Drivers)
    Soft As It Gets
    United Systems Inc.
    Software Technology Corporation
    Automated Audit Administrator
    Matrix Link
    John D. Johnson and Associates
    Eureka Systems
    Zennor Computing
Progress Consultants
    Innovative Client Servers
    Arthur Fink Consulting
    Starflight Corporation Home Page
    D P Consulting
    Protech systems
    Kingsway Computing Solutions
Companies that use Progress
    Realtime Home Page
    QAD, Inc.
    Symix Home Page
    Marcam MXP
    Insight Systems
    Astea International
Also check out the Progress Applications listing at Realtime.

Users Groups

    Progress User Group Central
    Virginia Progress Users Group
    Delaware Valley PUG

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