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You have reached the not very secret underground lair of Greg Smith, currently hidden purloined letter style in Baltimore, Maryland. As I write this I am Google's #3 ranked "Greg Smith" in the world. This web page remains vintage 1995 HTML just like the day I created it. It's also woefully out of date; see my blog for some more current writing.

I write computer software, work as a system administrator for many people (some of whom even pay me!), and sometimes write articles about audio equipment and music. For those confused by the tri-state references, I spent many years living in and around New York City (get the rope) and still visit there regularly.


    PostgreSQL Performance Pitstop
    The Linux Page Cache and pdflush: Theory of Operation and Tuning for Write-Heavy Loads
    Running XP Service Pack 2 on a Dell Dimension 4400: because somebody should write this down
    Windows Software recommendations
    Why I still use Windows 2000 as my desktop operating system
    Recommendations on PC Hardware that aren't very current. There is no PC hardware I particularly like at the moment to replace these suggestions; everything on the market right now is too hot or too quirky for my priorities. When systems based on Intel's new Core Duo ship in a desktop form, then we'll be talking again. See The Tech Report preview; there is no reason any regular desktop computer system should draw significantly more than 100W of power.
    Make your PC Fast! (so obsolete now)
    Progress 4GL/RDBMS Information
    UnixWare 2.X To NetWare Connection Guide

Audio Equipment:

    Audio articles written for SoundStage! magazine. I'm also an occasional contributor to GoodSound! which is the best currently active guide to mid-price audio out there.
    $125 Subwoofer construction project
    Speaker design diagrams with Visio
    Recording Audio CDs on your PC
    Early picture of my audio equipment evaluation
    Nearly Perfect Albums 1967-1980
    Great rock albums from the 80's
    Greg's guide to buying CDs
    Rock Remaster Reviews
    Tales from the LIE
And of course, no personal home page would be complete without a stupid picture of myself (at least I have the good taste to keep it off this initial page). Despite appearances, I do try to get away from both my computer and my stereo on occasion, like a weekly visit to PubNight.

Greg Smith