WestNet: Publicly Available Software

The Internet is a fantastic resource for Shareware and Freeware packages. Here are some sites which maintain archives of software.

o WestNet Public Files Area:
A small collection of files intended to get WestNet customers started. Includes OS/2, Windows, and Macintosh Internet applications, log-in scripts and configuration information for some commercial Internet packages, and some games.

o Stroud's Comsumate Winsock Apps List
The CWSApps List is designed to be your one-stop shopping site for the latest and greatest software on the Internet. Comprehensive file listings, ratings, and extensive reviews for the hottest Windows 3.x/95/NT applications are just a few of the many goodies to be found on this site.

o WU-Archive
The archive at Washington University is probably the largest and best known on the Internet. As of November 2000 it has 150 Gigabytes of files.

o Lycos FTP Search
Search the world's biggest file download site. With over 100 million files, Lycos FTP Search has your software, mp3s, games, screensavers, pictures, pilotware and more.
o Tucows
A searchable directory of software for Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. While Tucows has many mirrors, it can still be slow.

o Walnut Creek CDROM
Possibly better known as ftp.cdrom.com, Walnut Creek CDROM provides archives of Shareware in many categories, including OS/2 software, levels for games such as Doom & Heretic, programming, ray tracing, The Gutenberg Project, and much, much more.

o Jumbo!
Another searchable database of free and shareware, supporting mainly Windows.

o Happy Puppy Games
If you are looking for a PC basic game, this is the place. All they do is compile and mirror games.

o Shareware Zone
Brought to you by Galt Technologies.

o Free Games
What it says.

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