Resplendent Quetzal Picture by Richard LaVal

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve is owned and administered by the Tropical Science Center (TSC). The Center, established in 1962, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with headquarters in San José, Costa Rica. The objective of the Center is to conduct and support scientific research and education, particularly in relation to the understanding and rational management of tropical environments.

Established in 1972, the Monteverde Preserve covers over 10,500 hectares, more than 90% of which is virgin forest. It contains an extremely high biological diversity, including over 2,500 plant species (among them 420 different kinds of orchids), 100 species of mammals, 400 bird species, 120 reptilian and amphibian species, and thousands of insects.

General Entrance

Visitors can enter the Preserve on a natural history walk, or on their own.
There are over 20 kilometers of trails, as well as three refuge areas with basic living accommodations (water,gas stove, bunk beds).

Olingo Picture by Richard LaVal


Natural History Walk

The walk includes a nature tour hosted by expert guides, lasts about three
hours. It also includes a slide show with pictures taken by renowned
photographers and long-time Monteverde residents M. and P. Fogden.


Bird Watchers Tour


Various options for bird watchers are offered. During the all day tour. More than 80 species can be observed.

Night Tour

The night tour is conducted by a select group of local guides trained in the nocturnal activity of the cloud forest. Reservations for the night tour should be made a day in advance (506) 645-5112.

Golden-eyed leaf Frog Richard LaVal
Long-tailed Manakin Richard LaVal


For more information contact:
Centro Cientifico Tropical
Tel: (506) 645-5122
Fax: (506) 645-5034
E-mail us

Tropical Dendrology and Birding courses
lasting two weeks, are offered every year.
Visit our Website:
Contact: Dr. Humberto Jiménex Saa:
Fax: +(506) 253-4963 Phone: +(506) 253-3267 / 253-3308


Funds obtained through the above activities are the principal source of income
for the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve. Not only are funds used for
management and protection, they are also used to support an environmental
education program that is being implemented in 15 local schools.

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