INTERVIEW: Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue

- Linda Scott

Nikki Sixx, frontman and bassist for Motley Crue, recently consented to an email interview using the Internet. Sixx has recently been surfing the Internet and asking fans for feedback on their 1993 release Motley Crue. This self-titled album featured John Corabi, replacing Vince Neil, as lead vocalist. Some critics and fans felt that Neil's exit marked the end of Motley Crue. Certainly, album and concert ticket sales dropped. Yet, there were two changes made with this album - Corabi in, Neil out and the band's musical style was now heavier, more aggressive and sung with Corabi's earthier and bluesier voice.

Nikki says the band is working on the new album right now and the style will be even more aggressive. As songs are developed they will be tested out at small venues under assumed band names. The Crue wants each song perfect before recording it in the studio.

Here are some other things Nikki had to say about using computers, being a "rock star" (not his favorite self-description!), and the new album:

Consumable: This interview is taking place using the Internet. How did you become interested in using the net? What do you use it for mostly?

Nikki Sixx: Well I got into computers via music - I use them in my home recording studio. Then I got a personal laptop and this America On-Line account and I was hooked. I find the Internet to be a great way to get feedback on my music. I love the feedback and use it a lot. We even sometimes put fans on the guest lists.

C: Personal high-publicity events such as Tommy Lee's marriage and divorce of Heather Locklear, public arrests, etc. - how do these events affect the band and its music?

NS: Doesn't effect me - nothing does. I'm so numb to the circus. My whole life has been a drama; maybe I'm even comfortable in this madness.

C: As a rock star who has to be somewhat isolated, is it still possible for you to form normal relationships with people and protect these relationships from the publicity glare?

NS: First, I don't see myself as a "rock star" so neither do my friends. The people who treat me different that an average person usually never see me again.

C: Ticket sales and concert attendance figures were low on your last tour which was shortened. Many fans say they stayed away because John Corabi replaced Vince Neil. How do you respond when people say John Corabi in no Vince Neil as a vocalist or showman?

NS: Well if they stayed away, how do they know what John does in Motley Crue? It's so sad that we're not allowed to grow. It's important in life to grow.

C: About your new album, you are in the studio recording it? What is the title and when will it be out?

NS: We're not in the studio yet. We have so much music, we don't want to rush the process; there's no title yet.

C: Each Motley Crue album seems to show a new side to the Crue. How about this one?

NS: Another personality - what is it? #9???? (HINT)

C: Thinking about the band's future for a moment. Is there anything left you would like to accomplish?

NS: As a songwriter and a producer I feel I'm still so young and full of ideas.

C: Finally, is there a message you want to send to the Motley Crue fans on the Internet?

NS: Yes. Be true to yourself, not to your neighbors.

In this time of superstar egos, it's refreshing to find an open and honest individual such as Nikki Sixx. He reminds you of a musician playing the local clubs, enjoying the music and the crowds. And, if you want to give feedback to Nikki, he can be contacted at SIXXDOG@AOL.COM

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