REVIEW: Martin Page, In The House of Stone and Light (Mercury)

- Bob Gajarsky

Back in 1983, Sting was working with the Police on their multi million selling album, Synchronicity. Peter Gabriel was releasing his Plays Live album and still providing the experimental music for which he was known. And, out of England, Martin Page was helping write and play in the band Q-Feel, which had a classic alternative underground hit, "Dancing in Heaven".

As the years passed and Q-Feel ceased to exist, Page put those writing talents to work for other artists, helping to pen such tunes as Robbie Robertson's "Fallen Angel", Go West's "King of Wishful Thinking", Heart's "These Dreams" and Starship's "We Built This City". But now, more than 10 years later, Martin Page has released his own debut album, In The House of Stone and Light.

The title track of the album evokes immediate comparisons to the aforementioned Sting and Gabriel while bringing in Robertson and Neil Taylor (Tears For Fears) to help out on guitar. Other guests include Phil Collins (whose drumming is instantly noticable on "I Was Made For You"), Tears For Fears' drummer Jimmy Copley and The Blue Nile's Paul Joseph Moore.

Muscially and lyrically introspective, Page masterfully tackles difficult subjects such as spousal abuse ("In My Room") and escaping Jews from a Holocaust concentration camp ("The Door") while"Monkey in My Dreams" evokes musical traces of Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey".

Page's debut album is a prime choice for the intelligent discerning music afficionado; if you like bands such as Crowded House, or the most recent Sting material, Martin Page's In The House of Stone and Light is for you.

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