CONCERT REVIEW: Electrifixion, (Tivoli in Buckley, North Wales:

November 16, 1994)

- Jeremy Ashcroft

I got a chance to see Electrifixion, featuring Ian McCulloch (ex of Echo and the Bunnymen), live in concert. Though McCulloch is far from shy, there seemed to be a slight lack of confidence from the band. A couple of songs had too much reverb on the vocals - maybe he thought it made him sound better - and the songs all ended abruptly like they were unsure how the audience would react to them. It was also far too loud.

Despite a lot of requests, there were no Bunnymen songs. The single "Zephyr" (available as an E.P. in the U.S.) was excellent - much heavier than the stuff you'd expect from an ex-Bunnymen - as was another song I recognized from hearing on the radio. The other new material was good, but didn't really have an immediate impact. Will Sargeant (at least I *think* it was him - he was wearing a full-face helmet of hair) is a master of the effect pedal! He got some brilliant noises out of his guitar, the (very good) rhythm guitar coming from McCulloch.

In conclusion? A decent show by McCulloch and his new band as they try to ascend back up rock's mountain, but still flawed and far from perfect.

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